It was one of the best days of our life and it was a pleasure to be here and spend time with people here. We were filled with joy to see them smile with us. We would love to come back here again, Merry Christmas
Methodist Youth Fellowship
We, the staff of St Charles had a pleasant visit to your home. Wecongratulate for the service you do for humanity. We had a good experience . May God bless your good work
St Charles high School
Hello Cynthia and Anthony We are so happy to see how to run this home with love and genuine feeling of service, looking forward to see you in my next visit. Please do email me if there is anything you need at any point of time. Will try my best to help.
This is the best Thank you People ask doing. Looking after old people is a blessings. Thanks for Giving us opportunity to see these patient. In future need and help let us know.
Very much mainfaim clean & well behavior staff

Niku Kalkeri
Visited Hector. His well taken care of by his attendant very cordial & takes good initiative to look after him .It was pleased to see him in the facility
P. Lynett & rudy Lewis
Hennur Garden
Thank you for giving an opportunity to help out. What you are doing to a great service to the generitious that raised us.Wishinig you all the best and do let it know if we can help out in any way.
Amvdavani Kannan
Really Good ! 
Very nice experience and special day for us and our children in our dairy too. Thank on for giving an opportunity.
Sirisha : Hoysala Nagar
Narayana.E-techno School Ramamurthy
Impressed with the way patients are taken care off. God Bless all the staff and Cynlthia madam.
Love Mrs.Georg
Happy to see everyone here.wonderful job. Mr.Anthony! We were here for the carols but extremely blessed in seeing these loved over!
Mount Carmel High School R .M .Nagar
Again small token of help.
Raj Nath yadav/#303,V.M.Garden
Amazing word. God Bless you all!
DR Joann Pavline from KCDS Dental College Banglore
Happy to see everyone here.wonderful job. Mr.Anthony! We were here for the carols but extremely blessed in seeing these loved over!
Christopher Borde:
We were able to special Dinner for them and also Bed sheet with pillow cover
Happy to see that such good care is given .It is not easy to take care so many senior citizen with difficult situation. May God bless you & Your effort.
Celine sequeria
To give food for occasion of birthday offered breakfast.
Bharath Kunar
Birthday hence for Bharathy Aunty thank you all your help.
Mrs Mini Mukundan
Just want to see the Grandparents say Hai & wish them.We had a theme of grandparents day celebration today.We offered few veg/fruits.
Sri Chaitanya techno School
We a group of teacher and 150 students of Grade 2 have visited Ashley Care Home as port of school ling out of school as part of schooling out of school-share Fair activity. I felt, we have come to a pleasant place where love is shared as a homely atmosphere is created for homeless, old needy Children have got biscuits ,Dal Rice, atta and sugar
Everyone is given personal Care. They are made comfortable . we had nice time speaking to the old people here and shared what children got for them. The place is nearly maintained Kudos to the team who is managing this place.
Sri Chaitanya Techno School Rammurthy Nagar
God bless your wonderful & blessed Ministry. We come with about to children and all of us had a wonderful time here.we were well token care of wishing you all the very list in your ministry
Zac / Aji
TVS Service Road Vinayaka Layout House NBR:5 Hoysala Nagar Mob:9740691114 On the occasion of our sons birthday .we are here .we meet many elderly people .the atmosphere is quite nice and maintained This was a new experience for us .We have come here to take their blessing also and would certainly recommend here to our family & friends.
S. Mahesh NHR

Both the Owners take personal core of all inmates highly impressed with their dedication heartfelt Thank you from Ourside  Wishing you all the best for your future  & God bless

Dr Joel whitefield & Dr Godwin whitefield
I Love you all People here in this palace are really rich by heart actually I and Athare needed their blessing so we come here I think. Very lucky to visit this place and meet cynthia (very kind hearted) We would like to visit Again.
Zac / Aji

Please do email me if their everything you need at any point of time.

Will try my best to help .very vibrant people at this home including you(Cynttia Aunty & Uncle) God bless you both you help and provide shelter to our old follow and those who are bedridden will help out as a youth group,through visit,founds etc

Akshaya E Zachariah
Wonderful Atmosphere very well Kept,so we are so pleased to service them food today it was a blessey
Gellian Robert
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